Bariatric Surgery London welcomes NHS and private patients

My approach to patient care

Mr Ali Alhamdani is an experienced bariatric and upper abdominal surgeon who puts patients first.

My priority is the care of my patients. During the consultations that I have, I consider each of my patients to be central to the decision making process for the treatments suggested. I believe it is important to ask people about their social history – their lifestyle, sports, hobbies, what they like to do, as well as their medical history. During the consultation process, patients are given the time to think about different treatment options and to discuss these options with their family.

My approach to obesity surgery

Many of the patients who come to Mr Alhamdani for bariatric surgery obtain their initial information from the media and internet. This provides good background knowledge but it is important to realise that information can be incorrect and out-of-date.

During your initial consultation, Mr Alhamdani will explain the procedures that are currently available, depending on your body mass index, your lifestyle and your needs. Many different factors need to be considered to achieve the best results after surgery and not every procedure is suitable for every patient.

I see each patient as an individual with specific and individual needs. The treatment I suggest depends on their lifestyle, their medical history, their preferences and their medical needs. All of these are taken into consideration before I recommend the available options and the final choice will rest with the patient. I will not, however, advise a patient to opt for a procedure that is completely unsuitable for them, or unlikely to enable them to lose the weight they need.

Mr Alhamdani continues to support his patients up to 2 years post surgery, ensuring all patients are well monitored and looked after.  Mr Alhamdani also works with a multi-disciplinary team to support all patients post surgery.  This includes a consultation after surgery and before you are discharged from hospital with a Mr Alhamdani’s specialist bariatric dietician, Mrs Lucy Jones or with his specialist bariatric nurse practitioner, Mrs Toni Jenkins who will discuss the supplements and vitamins required. Mr Alhamdani will also arrange your post-operative consultations and follow-up over the next 12 months.


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