Bariatric Surgery London welcomes NHS and private patients

During and after surgery

What happens on the day of your surgery?

If you are booked to have surgery with Mr Alhamdani, you will be admitted to either The Wellington Hospital or The Highgate Hospital.

Once admitted, you will meet with Mr Alhamdani and your anaesthetist to go through the procedure once again. You will have the opportunity to ask more questions and your family members can be present and ask questions too if they need to. The final stage of your  pre-operative consultation is signing the consent forms to show that you agree that the operation can go ahead.

You will then be prepared and taken through to the room near the operating theatre where you will be given your anaesthetic before being wheeled into the theatre once you are asleep.

After the operation

After a general anaesthetic you will spend between one and two hours in the recovery room before being taken to your private room.

Your stay in hospital will depend on the procedure:

  • If you have laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery or a laparoscopic gastric bypass, your stay in hospital is likely to be two to three days.

Mr Alhamdani recommends that all patients having surgery with him should:

  • Get up and walk around a little on the same day of the operation
  • Avoid driving for seven to ten days after surgery as doing an emergency stop is not a good idea
  • Rest for two weeks but do some walking each day. Light normal activities can be resumed in two to three weeks for most procedures
  • Avoid doing heavy manual work, strenuous exercise or exercising with weights for six to eight weeks. This will reduce the risk of wound disruption and hernia formation

Before discharge from hospital

Unless you are having an operation as a day-case, you will stay in hospital for at least 24 hours. During that first day, you will be cared for in a specialist unit under the direct supervision of Mr Alhamdani. Care is provided by specialist nurses who are trained in the type of surgery you have had. Mr Alhamdani will be available quickly if there is a serious problem or emergency.

Bariatric surgery patients will see other members of the multidisciplinary bariatric team during the stay in hospital. Specialist Bariatric Dietician Mrs Lucy Jones or Specialist Nurse Practitioner Mrs Toni Jenkins will talk to you about your liquid diet and your move to a soft and then more solid diet over the next few weeks.

When you are ready to be discharged, Mr Alhamdani and the anaesthetist will review you  to make sure all is well and you can then go home. You will be given Mr Alhamdani’s contact details so that you can get in touch if there is a problem or if you are worried.

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