Bariatric Surgery London welcomes NHS and private patients

Waiting times and pre-operative tests

Booking an appointment

Waiting times for private treatment with Mr Ali Alhamdani are kept to a minimum. You can have an initial consultation within days and surgery within two to three weeks.

If you require an initial consultation with Mr Alhamdani, this can usually be arranged within 48 hours. For international patients and UK patients coming from outside London, we can pre-book appointments up to three months in advance.

You can book an appointment online or by telephone

At your initial consultation, you will be given all the information you need about the procedure and you may have a choice of operation to think about. You will need a few days to do this and to make your final decision about whether to go ahead.

Pre-operative tests

Once that decision is made, you will need to attend a pre-operative clinic at either The Wellington Hospital or The Highgate Hospital, depending on where your operation is due to take place.

These tests may include:

  • Blood tests to assess your liver and kidney function and full blood count
  • An assessment of your blood pressure
  • Lung function tests
  • Questions about any allergies you may have
  • Heart function tests (these may be more extensive if you have a previous history of heart problems)
  • A range of scans – including CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound scans, and/or a contrast swallow and meal test

We advise patients who require bariatric surgery for weight loss that the pre-operative tests may take up to three weeks.

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