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Disclaimer:  These testimonials are the words of our patients, actual results vary for each individual.

“My name is Carlos, I am 59 years old. In February 2015 I had a gastric sleeve surgery at The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, the surgery was conducted by DrAli Alhamdani and his medical team.

The  surgery was a success, it gave me a new lease on life because I was suffering from morbid obesity, I was 140 kilograms overweight that risked my life. I had very high blood pressure, and triglycerides cholesterol problems, pain on my knees and back pain caused by my illness but above all a great depression and low self-esteem to see that people made fun of my condition.

Thanks to the miraculous hands of Dr. Alhamdani and the backup of his highly qualified medical team, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists and many more people who helped me in Whittington Hospital, for giving me a new opportunity in life. I give all my eternal gratitude.

With respect to the day of my bariatric surgery, I have to say I was scared before entering the theatre, on the morning of my surgery Dr Alhamdani said words that reassured me because I completely  trusted him, his extensive experience, great reputation and skills as a surgeon.

After the surgery and several hours later, I woke up in the post-op recovery room and I felt very little discomfort or pain.  I remained in the hospital for three days after my surgery until I was discharged. I have lost more than 20 kilograms in three months after the bariatric surgery and my goal is to reduce my weight until it is right, I know I will make it.

Today I have new hope, I want to be able to continue working and living my life normally, this experience also marks a profound change in my lifestyle, I have to eat healthy food and exercise regularly and be very optimistic about my future.

I am a father of four children and I have a beautiful wife with whom I want to spend the rest of my life, I hope it will be long and happy.”



“Pre-operative care was fully explained and all options given to which surgery would suit me.

Post operative care all instructions were given from the team, 5/5 excellent service.

I would highly recommend Mr Ali Alhamdani and his team, also The Whittington hospital, for their treatment and care.  I have since been discharged as an outpatient and am delighted with the outcome.”


*Disclaimer: the results may vary for each individual.

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